Spring Creek Classics

The Chrysler/Plymouth dealership museum in Wetmore, Kansas is home to many classic antique cars, including a 1936 International pickup and a 1950 Willy's Jeepster. Dealership memorabilia includes antique signage, including a DeSoto dealership sign, a working Rock-ola jukebox which plays 78 rpm records. The service area of the museum displays the original work benches, equipment, tools and floor lifts.

The Texaco gas station has been restored inside and out. The historic gasoline pumps advertise gas for 25.9 cents a gallon! The inside of the Texaco gas station displays original furniture, a Coke machine, and telephone. The game room complete with an antique checkerboard has come back to life. Local legend is that the room was originally located in the basement of the Texaco station and was part of a long-standing, high-stakes poker game.

The museum is open by appointment. Call Bob or John. For a really impressive experience, stop by after dark when both buildings and all the signs are lit up! Click on the Area Attractions page to discover even more sites to see in Wetmore, Kansas and the surrounding area.